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Someone Stop Him From Hurting. - KILLING STALKING PART 6

we are nearing the finale of the incredibly complicated and dark webcomic, Killing Stalking by Koogi.

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Cursed Mark
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Hiroaki Takahashi Hora atrás

Me and my friend are going to cosplay as Bum and Sangwoo for this special event. I’m going to be Yoonbum and My friend is going to be Sangwoo. :)

Naomi- Chan 3 horas atrás

What app do you use to read the comic

Liam Dahvis 4 horas atrás

I think people need to remember the promise Sangwoo and Bum made. The one where they promised if one of them died the other would kill themself. so I mean.

Zulema Ortega 4 horas atrás

Thank you aki this was good

sophiedotexe 4 horas atrás

oh boy i love stockholm syndrome

Light Distortion 5 horas atrás

The reason he put boiling water to the detective because sangwoo mom had done the same to him when she tied him up and raped him

S1LKY R3P 5 horas atrás

ive been so disgusted at this manwha series and now i like it a little, but all i can say now is *oof*

Winter Edwin 6 horas atrás

I've called my teacher mom so many times at the point where she just replies with "yes daughter?"

Aracelee Ojeda 6 horas atrás

I can never find where to read it 😢

Nikita 7 horas atrás

Im going to Die if killing stalking Ends soon 🙄❤️ i Love it . Its my life . omg i think Thats Why my Friends hate me 😅😌

athena anime lover& BL 8 horas atrás

I think that the cop going to go to jail sangwoos in a coma and yoonbum live his life but sangwoo walks up and yoonbum and sangwoo are going to go back to their old life Style

Maiwou - 10 horas atrás

Anyone knows the name of song at 6:30 to 7:23?

Oh Sangwoo 11 horas atrás

I'm pretty damn sure it's pronounced Sang-woo.

XxMr. CrowdPleaserxX 11 horas atrás

The evidence is erased

Touma とうま 11 horas atrás

I have a strong feeling that if Sangwoo dies, that Yoonbum will kill himself, I have a very strong feeling of that.

Ka'Aliyah Waiters 12 horas atrás

My theory : Sangwoo dies in fire, sungbae gets justice. Then sungbae will realize the state that yoonbum is in, ask yoonbum to live with him and everyone live happily ever after.

AsuKida Playz 13 horas atrás

Fall Out Josie 14 horas atrás

fuck man i never thought of seungbae possibly being convicted of trying to cover for sangwoo. oh fuck my mind is blown

Killer Chan 15 horas atrás

you look like a tidepod turned into a BRreporter wifu

Kylie's Highlights 16 horas atrás

take Yoobum to the local mental health and my side is Sangwoo tbh. Sangwoo is precious in a way to me again that audience weird connection but idk man

Qiandiao Chan 17 horas atrás

Personally..I wish throughout the chapters..sangwoo would change..and yoonbum and him would have a happily ever after.

HAppY eNdinG 18 horas atrás

I am pretty sure sangwoo and yoon bum will both die. I mean, either bum could run into to the fire to save sangwoo and he would burn to his' death with sangwoo or sangwoo dies in the fire and yoon bum commits suicide. I mean, do you guys remember when sangwoo made yoon bum agree that they would die together?

Eva Ujlaki 20 horas atrás

I maybe didn't even notice d it, but what was on that wall in Sangwoo's bedroom? His drawings as a child or? I remember it being a big mystery for a long time.

Antje KC 20 horas atrás

If Woon gets caught I think either Yunboom will start dating the detective ,kill himself or Disney really jumps in and he is freaking happy for once in his messed up live. If Woon doesn't get caught Boom will kill himself or live miserably with him until he gets killed. Like Boom should decide his freaking future for once and make GOOD DECISIONS.

The Aesthetic Owl 20 horas atrás

Oh god it's just like happy sugar life. The fire, the three people fighting. Yoonbum, seungbae and Sangwoo could literally be Satou, Shio and Asahi. Man.

Fought a Pidgeon 23 horas atrás

Seungbae is a dumb ass, bro

Night Ranger 23 horas atrás

The webcomic questions my mental stability.

Night Ranger 23 horas atrás

The detective is hot hehehe

somebody get shane dawson

Cat Taylor Dia atrás

They all die! Mrahaha Though that may happen But not before Something horrible. happens but that's just me Can't wait to see though

Malyutka moon biscuits Dia atrás

Male version of Happy Sugar Life

onesaltypotato :3 Dia atrás

I love to yell at yoonbum and sangwoo though my screen

Seraphim Dia atrás

The most recent chapters are just frustrating

florence.ashley Dia atrás


Abigail Lynn Dia atrás

killing stalking is a great manga 🤷

butt face radcliff Dia atrás

I cried so much when I read that sangwou died rip

MJ Flower Dia atrás

Soooooo. no comment on Sangwoo’s new haircut?

Jordynn Forrestee Dia atrás

Sangwoo said of he dies he wants yoonbum to die to. So if he does die Yoonbum may kill himself

NaShaya Bartolo Dia atrás

This series turned me on and freaked me out at the same time.

Koogi seeing this in a disguise: “Sh*t, that was gonna happen. Need to start with Plan X. Dang the theorists.”

お姉さん Oniisan Dia atrás

Why did you keep reading?

Bonuiii 2 Dia atrás

Emanuela Tran Dia atrás

I had the same theory as you! oh my I hope that it would not happen. Like no. I am so confused as well. One side of me is shipping them so bad, but then it is so freakin wrong. I want Sangwoo dead, but then I feel so sorry for him. oooo anywhoooo your eyeshadow is lookin great girl. :)))

Maggie Mesa-ramon Dia atrás

If sangwoo dies then it's all over. but what if yoonbum lost all his sanity and does the same thing of what sangwoo did back when he killed people. 🤔🤔🤔 (I'm just saying idk tbh it's just a theory for me so don't hate 😂)

HEntAi Dia atrás

. if Sangwoo dies Me: *”one last trip. to flavor town”*

Black Diva Dia atrás

I think that once seungbae and yoonbum will go to the police station, yoonbum will not collaborate and put all the blame on seungnbae for sangwoo's death

Go Away Dia atrás

HOW DID I MISS DIS? I WAS WAITING FOR THIS REVIEW FOR A LONG TIME >:D Love you Aki, I hope anyone who reads this is having a grear day+

monstarr .x Dia atrás

I watched every video you posted of this. I started reading because of you 😍 ur the best aki

mewds Dia atrás

Whyyyyyyyyy oh my gawddddddndjsjyhavyu

qtiee chacha Dia atrás

yoonbum might fulfill his promise with sangwoo that if sangwoo dies he has to die too 😶 eff it I don't know anymore I just want to know the freaking ending

Spriggles 256 2 dias atrás

They can't kill Sangwoo. If Sangwoo dies, then Yoon bum will have to kill himself, he promised him.

If_Connor_was_salty Oofmetho 2 dias atrás

You watch, there’s gonna be a Netflix adaptation . But I still think Yun-Bums gonna go in there and like DIE with him and Sung-Woo will liek chaotic laughter to hell


wow i just was in a freze mode waching it

Marie Bri 2 dias atrás

Lowkey don’t want sangwoo to die

Yenny 2 dias atrás

Bri Sims 2 dias atrás

OK so is anyone else getting Bast*rd vibes from killing stalking. Just like the whole crazy serial killer enlists mentally unstable henchman then get chased around by cops somehow avoiding getting caught time after time. I haven't read killing stalking cause I didnt want to download the app so I rely strictly on Aki's reviews. Whoa man

keana pitcher 2 dias atrás

everyone is forgetting that promise bum made to sangwoo that if sangwoo dies, bum will have to kill himself. If he died in the fire then that means bum will kill himself

Rafa Itsukushima 2 dias atrás

im watching this before i sleep

mo kushtiwala 2 dias atrás

South Korean script crime thriller writers are fucked up.

Amber Isley 2 dias atrás

No matter what happens. I'm gonna cry when this ends.

the random 123 2 dias atrás

Omg. I'm shook, I'm quaking. I'm f*ckin shaking, like I cant think omfg. I'm freaking out.

Evelyn Alegre 3 dias atrás

We have to remember that sangwoo said he wanted yoonbum to die with him. I think he's going to kill himself

Evelyn Alegre 3 dias atrás

Fear is all i have now😵😩😖

Ryane M 3 dias atrás

Killing Stalking has thrown my morals out the window

Cori Quillen 21 3 dias atrás

I want it to end with sungwoo to get some mental help where he’s not hurting anyone and I want yoonbum to get therapy so they can live to- wait but what about those peeps her killed?? Ok nvm I have no idea what’s gonna happen

Cori Quillen 21 3 dias atrás

I won time called my female teacher at school dad.

God Dammit No 3 dias atrás

BodyMod Lover 3 dias atrás

BUT WHEN SANGWOO STARTED LAUGHING AS THR FIRE GOT MORE INTENSE. I cried. I think the manga is so brilliant, it makes me sad seeing people say “if sangwoo dies then I won’t like this manga” like noooo this comic is absolutely amazing. AMAZING.

Levi Hartford 3 dias atrás

I read killing stalking and I recommend you to read Sachi iro no One Room, same concept, boy and girl, not as creepy?

Muhammad Ammar Bakharia 3 dias atrás

I think the ending might be that Yoonbum is going to die with sangwoo as they promised each other they would die together

Juuzou Suzuya 4 dias atrás


Shakeemaa Downey 4 dias atrás

Killing Stalking has ruined my whole life.

_Otaku 4 dias atrás

What am I doing here?

Aliceガチア 4 dias atrás

the whole time me and my friends were watching this we were talking about everyone getting into sangwoo's house i mean i would never go in there.

Tais Dragneel 4 dias atrás

Sooooo my girlfriend she loves killing stalking I always get scared but hey I respect what she loves

Stop searching for a cool username 4 dias atrás

Hell no, I don’t want Sangwoo and Yoon Bum to be together. Sangwoo is a total psycho from the beginning, I usually can handle stories like this, but idk why I really can’t like Sangwoo, I can’t even feel bad for him even though he had a really fucked up past.

Keko Mit 4 dias atrás

they made a pact, if sangwoo dies bum dies too but this is sangwoo.

Ashley Arzaga 4 dias atrás


Jaidyn [insert name here] 4 dias atrás

This comic fucked up my moral compass so badly holy s h e i t.

Sancy Bhakta 4 dias atrás

Much awaited review 😈😈😈

Ruven Rey 4 dias atrás

3:22 you thought ya were smooth I caught dat XD

Bts Jikook4life 5 dias atrás

Your theory could be so accurate knowing the story. And I kind a want it to end like that because I like stories were just leaves you feeling emotions you can’t describe but at the same time I don’t want that, I want to be happy ending where are you in bum get I want to be happy ending where Bum gets help and Sangwoo is brought to just dance by the guy nobody believed. But I also really wanted to be morbid cuz idk I like that intense weird feeling where all you can do is sit there trying to contemplate what just happened

Jaden Stevens 5 dias atrás

Yoonbum is definitely gonna kill himself like he promised sangwoo I think it was definitely forshadowing of them dying together

Bts Jikook4life 5 dias atrás

I just got down reading it and my mind is shook. I honestly love Yoonbjm so much and I just want him to be safe and happy and if I could save him I would and I would make him so happy so he never has to hurt again that poor small baby nuuu Bum I feel so bad for him TuT

Kai Satif 5 dias atrás

Sangwoo mom rape him then his dad start hit her for it

Oofer Gang 5 dias atrás


Oofer Gang 5 dias atrás

I’ve been waiting.

*Pastel Crimes* 5 dias atrás

What apps do people use to read it? Im struggling trying to find one to read it on QnQ . help

Whinnie Wolfie 5 dias atrás

Anywhere else i can read it? I cant in the site that aki recommended

Rousseau Conor 5 dias atrás

Why couldn't the three of them just kiss and make up?!

Anna Zhou 5 dias atrás

I expect it to be good

Megan Mango Maniac 5 dias atrás

Between the last video you made and this on i read read killing stalking and its much worse than I thought

Emiru Zaiikawa 5 dias atrás

Well, Koogi, you're not done with these series yet? That's some serious willpower you got 😂

Bloss 55 5 dias atrás

I freaked out then Sangwoo stab Gang Seungbae :___(

The Anime Geek 5 dias atrás

why do I think sangwoo will kill yoonbum and then just have a massive break down afterwards because of what he'd done

roxana banana 5 dias atrás

This story wasn’t meant to have a happy ending anyway.

Bun Bun Priss 5 dias atrás

A really crazy theory that my friend came up with: basically yoonbum is very very related to sangwoos mom. Basically it's a possibility that after this is all over history may just repeat itself. Where yoonbum is in place of the mother. And it just starts the cycle all over again. Logically it would make sense due to his mind set and the stuff he has dealt with. And maybe knowing or unknowing just repeats history

Flamingoz 5 dias atrás


Gabrielle Marc Estandarte 5 dias atrás

I don't know what to do with killing stalking anymore.

precious nelson 6 dias atrás

Yoon bum gets saved moves in with the detective to continue another abusive relationship because the detective still holds a lot of resentment towards Sang Woo😥

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